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Dear all,

A "Funeral Peal" For Beau Nash
Richard "Beau" Nash, "Master of the Ceremonies in this City", died 150 years ago this year. He was buried in the Abbey on Thursday 17th February, with much pomp. That day, to quote from "Felix Farley's Bristol Journal" of Sat 21 Feb 1761, "the Ringers (to shew their Gratitude and Respect to their worth Benefactor, rung (sic) a Funeral Peal of Grandsire Triples, consisting of 1,260 Changes; the Clappers of the Bells being muffled on one side".

And with good reason, for Nash had encouraged paid ringing for special occasions. This included the well-known custom of the Abbey bells being rung to welcome visitors, and not just the great and good:

"I thought like a fool that they only would ring
For a wedding, or judge, or the birth of a king
But I found 'twas for me that the good-natured people
Rang so hard that I thought they would pull down the steeple
So I pulled out my purse, as I hate to be shabby,
And paid all the men as they came from the Abbey ..."

("The New Bath Guide", Christopher Anstey)

To mark the anniversary, the usual practice will be replaced by a quarter peal attempt on Monday to repeat the "Funeral Peal": a quarter-peal of 1,260 Grandsire Triples with the bells half-muffled.

Below are the practices that are confirmed to take place this week:

- If you would like to list your tower's practice in future weeks, please <a href="" target="_blank" style="color: #406480; ">let me know</a>.

Best wishes,

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