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Over the course of two weekends in December 2012, were rung two very different, but very Bath-based peals!

The Ladies...

On Saturday 8th December 2012
at Bath, St Michael
a Peal of 5152 Yorkshire Surprise Major
(Composed: Emma J Southerington)
in 3 hours 8 minutes

1. Susan A Haines
2. Jane Hooker
3. Heather C Peters
4. Nicola J Williams
5. Emma L Pym
6. Jody A Wood
7. Georgina Barratt
8. Molly S Waterson (c)

Believed to be the first ladies' peal rung in Bath

The Elizabethans

On Saturday 15th December 2012
at Bath, Abbey Church of SS Peter and Paul
a Peal of 5021 Grandsire Caters
(Composed: G J Hawkins)
in 3 hours 21 minutes

1. Georgina Barratt
2. Emma L Pym
3. Jody A Wood
4. Thomas N Longridge
5. Robert D Bell
6. Christian J Brown
7. Thomas G A Wareing
8. Michael W Day
9. Michael J Stubbs (c)
10. Matthew J Butler

Rung by a Bath Branch band to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

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