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Twerton bells rang out again on Saturday 19th May when former tower master Alan Lee returned to the Bath Branch for yet another successful reunion of former Twerton ringers and friends. In the 1960's and 70's Twerton was a very active tower with a large band of young enthusiastic ringers. Sadly when Alan moved away from the area and through the process of time the band gradually diminished, leaving just the memories of the great days of Twerton. When Nicki Williams returned to ringing three years ago, she decided she would try to find as many ex ringers and friends of Twerton from that era as possible.

The first reunion was held in 2010 and has grown in size each year as the word has spread and more people have been sought out. This year a total of thirty ex-members and friends attended the event, some very experienced ringers and many who had not even looked at a bell rope for longer than they cared to remember! Many of those present had been taught to ring by Alan Lee.

The ringing began at Twerton before going on to Corston. Following the usual social lunch, the party then moved on to Farmborough and Dunkerton during the afternoon. The ringing was thoroughly enjoyable and the whole spirit of the day and the friendly atmosphere was just fantastic!

Many thanks to all the Tower representatives who welcomed the ringers and to all that attended this popular event. Here’s to 2013!

Peter Devrell / Nicki Williams

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