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At midday on Saturday 14th January a band made up of nearly all Bath Branch ringers gathered at the foot of the tower stairs at Wells Cathedral to attempt a peal of Grandsire Caters on the heaviest 10-bell ring in the world!

We began just after 12pm in the bright sunshine and finished nearly three and a half hours later in a considerably darker belfry feeling considerably more tired, but having scored the following peal:

On Saturday 14th January 2012
a Peal of 5021 Grandsire Caters
in 3 hours 28 minutes

1. Nicola J Williams
2. Molly S Waterson
3. Martin Pearson
4. Robert D Bell
5. Michael Lilly
6. Michael J Stubbs
7. Thomas N Longridge (c)
8. Michael W Day
9. Simon Webb
10. Robert Perry

3: First peal of Caters
7: First peal of Caters as Conductor

A great achievement which was duly commemorated by the following photograph and a trip to the pub!

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