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The Bath Branch 6-Bell Striking Competition was held at Marksbury on the 17th March.

For the first time, a new two-trophy format was tried, with a additional competition for novice bands. Six teams entered each competition.

The judges were David Sworder of Melksham and Jenny Hancock of Chippenham. The results were as follows (subject to confirmation):


Novice Competition


Larkhall receive the novice trophy from Head Judge, David Sworder


Main Competition


Matthew Skues of Bathwick receives the Branch Six-Bell trophy from David Sworder

1Bathwick16Cambridge S Minor
2Bath Abbey29Call Changes
3Marksbury30Grandsire Doubles
4Larkhall37Grandsire Doubles
5Corston40Grandsire Doubles
6Widcombe43Grandsire Doubles

The skittles competition followed in the Ring O'Bells at Priston (the trophy was retained by Bathwick).

Many thanks to all those who took part, the judges, and those who helped with tea and logistics.


Videos of some of the test pieces are available on YouTube:

Traffic noise, rain and a hat obscuring the view at times means that they are not the most perfect recordings of bellringing performances, but they do give a flavour of what happened.

Meeting Minutes


Richard Holland, Clover Holland, Pam Pike, Jane Rees, Matthew Butler, Emma Pym, Alex Wells,

Christian Brown, Tom Wareing, Allan Crossley, Barry Quinton, Sheila Quinton, Mike Amphlett,

Rose Amphlett, Harriet Munday, Philippa Parfrey, Debbie Parfrey, David Parfrey, Jane Jones, Emily

Groves, Jenny Burton, Helena Parfrey, Sophie Didcott, Emma Longridge, Tom Longridge, Matthew

Skues, David Ware, Helen Button, Kai Ball, Pasha Ball, Arran Price, Linnet Tutcher, Benomy Tutcher,

Susan Crennell, Nicki Williams, Robert Perry, Linda Robertson, Francis Zagni, Gabriel Hardwick, Alan

Coombs, Katie Kitchener, Emily Kitchener, Jonathan Hambly, Margaret Chapman, David Sworder,

Christine Sworder, Roger Button, Michael Day, Rebecca Day, Maggie Willans, Will Willans, Linda

Baker, Sharon Bradley (plus one name I cannot read, many apologies!)


No Apologies given.

New Member Elections

Name Tower Proposer Seconder
Pasha Ball Larkhall Roger Button Helen Button
Kai Ball Larkhall Roger Button Helen Button
Emily Kitchener Marksbury Robert Perry Nicki Williams
Michael Brett Bath Abbey Mike Amphlett Will Willans
Matthew Butler Bath Abbey Mike Amphlett Will Willans
John Cope Bath Abbey Mike Amphlett Will Willans
Peter Davies Widcombe Emma Pym Tom Wareing
Jody Wood Unattached Tom Longridge Roger Button
Giles Wood Bath St Michael Tom Longridge Roger Button
Timothy R Palmer NRLM Tom Longridge Roger Button
Geoff Allen Priston Jill Wilkinson Robert Perry

Any other Business

Striking Competition Rules for Call Changes

This was brought to discussion by Robert Perry who explained that the rules for the striking competition in relation to ringing call changes seemed very structured and restrictive this year and what was the reason for this? Michael Day and Tom Longridge explained to the floor that this decision was made by the committee in order to shake up the more open rules that the branch usually uses, and that we would follow the association rules this year of call changes being rung in 120 changes instead of being timed. Robert challenged this by saying that each branch has the right to use their own interpreted rules and that the rules in the association report are to be used for the association finals striking competition. It was put to the committee that perhaps it would be better next year for the call changes to go back to being timed rather than restricted to the number of changes. It was agreed that it was better having all bells called to lead rather than the old rule of the treble being called to fifths place. Committee will discuss this in full at next get together and report back to the branch. The majority were in favour of the new novice and advanced competitions.

Jubilee Ringing

It was brought up via Tom Longridge from David Lloyd (as he was not in attendance) what would happening in the branch in regards to ringing for the Queen’s Jubilee? It was asked what the were if there was any, e.g, all towers ringing at 3pm. It was decided by Tom that something should happen but there would have to be some planning as to what, there would be ringing at every tower on a certain day etc. There will be celebration peals quarters taking place across the branch.


Meeting was closed after thanks to the Ladies of Corston and all who bought cakes along for a fab, it really was good! Thanks to Marksbury for the use of their tower and facilities and thanks to (Sophie Didcott) for arranging the day.


Note by me... £45 was raised for the general bell fund which was great, thank you all.

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