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It was an emotional day on Saturday 15th May 2010, when Mr Alan F Lee of Bradford on Tone returned to Twerton for a reunion with former Twerton ringers and friends of the Bath branch.

Alan started ringing at Twerton in 1953 (taught by the late Roger O Fry) and from 1958 – 1970 was the Tower Master there. During his time at Twerton Alan taught many young people to ring and produced a thriving young band of enthusiastic ringers. The bells were rung three times on Sundays and Alan’s Tuesday evening practices were always very well attended. One evening it was recorded that 41 ringers were in attendance! Alan was very strict, demanding a high standard of ringing, but members and visitors were always guaranteed very good practice.

Twenty seven people attended Saturday's reunion which was arranged by Nicki Williams, who Alan had taught to ring in the late sixties. The idea had formed after Nicki met up with Pete Devrell again at a Bath Abbey practice, and they both thought it would be good to track down more friends from the past. The date was arranged to coincide with Alan’s first quarter peal at Twerton, 56 years ago to the day. Some of the ringers who arrived had not handled a bell for over thirty five years. They soon settled down after their initial nervousness and soon gained confidence when they realised they could still do it! General ringing continued at Corston before the party adjourned for more social celebrations at the Globe.

A quarter peal of Plain Bob Minor was later rung at Newton St Loe in memory of absent friends and to mark the occasion.

Newton St Loe, Somerset
Holy Trinity
Saturday, 15 May 2010 in 44 mins (9-3-18)
1260 Plain Bob Minor
1 Peter J Devrell
2 Nicola J Williams
3 Alan F Lee
4 Ian Smith
5 Michael J C Cannon
6 Giles R Morley (c)
Rung on the 56th anniversary of the 3rd ringers first quarter peal.
Also to mark the occasion of Alan Lees reunion with former ringers at Twerton on Avon, Bath. - In memory of absent friends.
Birthday compliment to the Conductor.

It is really satisfying to know that at least six 'lapsed' ringers are intending to carry on again now, having enjoyed the day so much, including Nicki's brother. The big question being asked now is "When is the next one?" Pete Devrell/Nicki Williams

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