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(Upcoming Events)
(Upcoming Events)
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== Upcoming Events ==
== Upcoming Events ==
{{EventItem|20th October 2012|Branch AGM|2012:Branch AGM}}
* See [[Events|this year's events]].
* See [[Events|this year's events]].

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Bath Branch Ringing

Welcome to the website for the Bath Branch of the Bath & Wells Diocesan Association of Change Ringers.

Local Ringers Visiting Ringers/New to the Area New Ringers

Recent News

If you have a newsworthy item, please let me know!

Upcoming Events

If you have an event to add, please let me know!

This Week

To find out which practices and events are being held this week, click here.

The "Wiki" Website

This site has been created using a Wikipedia format. This means that anyone can edit the pages and contribute to the information on site. I've set a page up for each tower in the branch and for News and for Events and I'd like to encourage branch members to get add information to them where appropriate. If you're unfamiliar with editing Wiki's, I suggest you read How to edit a page to give you a quick guide to the basics of Wiki editing and then jump in!

What's New?

Use the Recent Changes link in the navigation box to see what pages have been changed recently.

Mailing List

If you would like to subscribe to the Branch e-mail list you can subscribe here.

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