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Dedication St John the Baptist
Bells 8, 24-3-27 in D.
Practice Night Thursday, 7:30–9:00pm (tied bell-handling practice 6:30–7:30pm by arrangement – please let us know if you're coming to this)

Please note: There will be no practice on 24th December 2015.

Sunday Service Either 9:45–10:30am or 10:45–11:15am depending on the service schedule; also 4:45–6:00pm by arrangement (usually a Quarter Peal attempt)
Grid Ref ST654688
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About the Tower

Nearest Postcode: BS31 2BL (for satellite navigation purposes)

We're fortunate to have a modern simulator connected to all eight bells and the latest Abel software. Please contact us if you'd like to make use of this facility.


Practice Nights

Please note: There will be no practice on 24th December 2015.

Keynsham is very much a teaching tower and we welcome ringers at all levels of ability, including complete beginners. Bring yourself, bring a friend, bring a whole band with you – the more the merrier!

6:30–7:30pm Tied bell-handling practice (by arrangement)

Nearly all of our elementary teaching takes place at this time. The opportunity is also available for more experienced ringers to practise by themselves, working on aspects such as their style, raising and lowering, or getting to grips with heavier bells. Please contact us in advance if you'd like to come to our tied practice, preferably giving an idea of your level of ability and supervision requirements (e.g. complete beginner, able to ring alone unaided, lacking confidence on unfamiliar bells), and what aspect of your ringing you'd like to work on, so we can tie the most appropriate bells for you.

As our one-to-one teaching resources are limited, we must necessarily focus them towards our own ringers. We would therefore encourage any visiting ringers (i.e. those who belong to another tower) who are unable to ring alone unaided, to bring a competent teacher with them.

7:30–9:00pm Open practice

As a band we're currently working on Plain Hunt, Plain Bob and Grandsire Doubles (usually on the front six bells) and call changes on up to eight. However, given the opportunity we enjoy a range of Doubles methods, and occasionally venture to the dizzy heights of Minor, Triples and (very rarely) Major. At the other end of the scale we like to give our beginners a chance to ring handstrokes or backstrokes in rounds at an early stage of their tuition, which has the additional advantage of allowing more experienced ringers to focus on their style and striking.

Please note that during practices the tower door (inside the church) may be locked at 8:00pm. To gain access when this door is locked please press the doorbell and someone will come down to let you in.

Sunday Service Ringing

At present we can normally muster four to six ringers on a Sunday morning, but occasionally we do manage to ring all eight bells, and visiting ringers are always welcome to join us. Our ringing mainly comprises rounds and call changes, although if we have enough experienced ringers, simple methods are by no means out of the question. Please contact us in advance to check the ringing/service time.

Building upon a local tradition we will normally attempt a Quarter Peal before any evening services. These are necessarily arranged a month or two in advance, so if you'd like to join us on one of these occasions please get in touch early, and note that priority for inclusion in the band will be given to our own ringers. We aim to ring mostly Triples or Major, but occasionally Doubles.

Access to the Ringing Room

Enter the church via the main (west) door in the base of the tower facing the High Street and roundabout. The door to the upper floors of the tower is on the left-hand side just past the notice board. A narrow but straight carpeted wooden staircase of 22 stairs then takes you up to the stone spiral staircase. The 30 stone steps as far as the Ringing Room door have been clad in wood and are uneven in places so please take care.

Visitors Book

See comments left by others and add your own in the virtual Visitors Book.


Nearby Towers

Every tower with a ring of three or more bells within five miles (eight kilometres) of Keynsham by road, subdivided by Branches of the Bath & Wells Diocesan Association (B&W) or Gloucester & Bristol Diocesan Association (G&B).

Bath Branch (B&W)

Bristol Branch (G&B)

  • Bristol (St Luke, Brislington), 2½ miles (4 km)
  • Bristol (Holy Nativity, Knowle), 4¼ (6.8 km)
  • Bristol (Ss Philip & Jacob), 5 miles (8 km)
  • Bristol (St Thomas the Martyr), 5 miles (8 km)
  • Bristol (St Mary the Virgin, Redcliffe), 5 miles (8 km)

Bristol Rural Branch (G&B)

  • Bitton, 2½ miles (4 km)
  • Warmley, 4¼ (6.8 km)

Chew Branch (B&W)

  • Publow, 3¾ miles (6 km)

Frome Branch (B&W)

  • Compton Dando, 3¼ miles (5.2 km)
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