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Date: 19th November 2013

Venue: Larkhall Inn, Bath

Meeting started at 19:35



Will Willans, Maggie Willans, Bette Parfrey, Margaret de Jong, Susan Crennell, Benomy Tutcher, Linnet Tutcher, Ashley Tutcher, David Parfrey, Debbie Parfrey, Philippa Parfrey, Robert Perry, David Lloyd, Sharon Bradley, Jenny Burton, Richard Vowles, Linda Robertson, Jonathan Storey, Alan Coombs, Roger Button, Tom Cook, Emma-Jane Nichols, Gabriel Hardwick, Sara King, Mike Marshall, Michael Day, Robin Peachey, Jody Wood.


Sophie Didcott, Tom Longridge, Paul Clewett, Elizabeth Jones, Martin Pearson, Barry Quinton, Christine Sworder, David Sworder, Michael Brett, Emma Longridge.

New Members

  • Valarie Duff (prop. Mike Amphlett, 2nd. Paul Clewett)
  • Nicholas Field (prop. Mike Amphlett, 2nd. Paul Clewett)
  • Clare Homphray (prop. Mike Amphlett, 2nd. Paul Clewett)
  • Victoria Cainen (prop. Mike Amphlett, 2nd. Paul Clewett)
  • Hazel Spence (prop. Mike Amphlett, 2nd. Paul Clewett)
  • Keith Norton (prop. Martin Pearson, 2nd. Paul Clewett)
  • Helen Hughes (prop. Martin Pearson, 2nd. Paul Clewett)
  • Ann Dowding (prop. Martin Pearson, 2nd. Paul Clewett)
  • Julie Doman (prop. Robert Perry, 2nd. Paul Clewett)
  • Sarah Taylor (prop. Tom Charrington, 2nd. Paul Clewett)
  • Sarah Foster (prop. Sharon Bradley, 2nd. Paul Clewett)
  • Sarah Blake (prop. Sharon Bradley, 2nd. Paul Clewett)

Committee re-elections and new allocations

It was explained that Nicki Williams and Jody Wood were resigning from their committee roles as Education Officer and Ringing Master respectively. The members were asked if they were any nominations or offers to take up either roles. There were no offers or nominations. The committee now consists of:

  • Chairman – Tom Longridge
  • Ringing Master – Tom Longridge (proposed by Paul Clewett and 2nd
  • Secretary – Sophie Didcott
  • General Committee Representative – Tom Longridge
  • Deputy Ringing Master – VACANT POST
  • Education Officer – VACANT POST


Subs have gone from £6 to £8 a year per member. This has been on the cards for a while but has been implemented from now. I (Sophie) will be collecting subs from now until February. Money to be sent to myself, address is in the report, and cheques to be made payable to Bath and Wells Diocesan Association of Change Ringers (or BAWDACR!).

Association AGM 2014

The members were told that a location has been decided and has been booked for the 2014 Association AGM which is being hosted by the Bath Branch on 21st reminded that this event is going to come around before we think about it. We need some serious help from the members of the Bath Branch. As it is just Tom and myself, maybe if there is someone out there wants to get involved with the planning please let either myself or Tom know.

Striking Competition 2014

Next years branch striking competition will be held in early march, venue and date to be confirmed. The reason for it being so early in the year is so we do not have 2 events going on in the same month.

Any Other Business

Nominations for Deputy Ringing Master for the Association AGM

This is something that only comes about every 11 years when the branch hosts the Association AGM. The hosting branch gives nominations to the general committee for a Deputy Ringing Master to Tim Hawkins, the General Ringing Master for the association. This is not a full time position, attendance to few meetings and maybe attending events that the association Ringing Master cannot attend. If you have anyone you have in mind that would be suitable for the position please let Tom or myself know.

Bells on Sunday Auction

It was brought to attention by Tom that Bathwick won the BBC Children In Need charity auction for a recording and possible airing on Radio 4's "Bells On Sunday" programme.

2013 AGM

It was brought up that it was a shame that there was no ringing at this years AGM, and that it was midweek rather than on a weekend. The thought was that maybe having the AGM together with a skittles evening may make it more interesting.

Meeting was closed at 20:05

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