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  • Date: Saturday 20th October 2012.
  • Time: 15:00 Ringing, 16:00 Meeting/Tea.
  • Venue: Bath St Stephen.

Those Present

Apologies for Absence

Election of New Members

Name Tower Proposer Seconder
Julie Perkins Bath Abbey Mike Amphlett Martin Pearson
Neil Stanley Bath Abbey Mike Amphlett Martin Pearson
Jon Wrigley Bath Abbey Mike Amphlett Martin Pearson
Tom Cook Keynsham Martin Pearson Nicki Williams
Sebastian M'Caw Keynsham Martin Pearson Nicki Williams
Elhana Edmondson Keynsham Martin Pearson Nicki Williams
Jon Storey Marksbury Alan Coombs Martin Pearson

Branch Practices

Michael Day admitted on his part that he had not organised any branch practices, that we had agreed as a committee that we would have branch practices on mid week evenings as well as on Saturdays so it would appeal to more of an audience. There was a discussion between Tom Wareing and Martin Pearson as to whether it is better to have general branch practices or focused practices. It was also discussed that the whole point of branch practices was to get the whole branch together as well as the ringing so maybe having focused practices may contradict this. It was brought to discussion by Emily Groves that maybe an idea would be for towers to volunteer one of their practices a month to the branch as a venue for a branch practice. Jody Wood agreed with this and it was put to the committee to put together some form of programme where we ask towers to volunteer their practices and then publish a list of branch practices to the branch. Committee to action.

Data Protection

This was brought up for discussion via email from the report editor David Floyd, he asked for it to be put on the agenda. He explained that members of the association, if they are sending bulk emails which contain not association addresses, they are to be placed in the BCC box so that the other people on the email list cannot see the personal email address. Members of the floor and committee were not happy with this to which it was expressed that it was asked to be brought up by the Association Committee.

Change of Officers

It was brought to floor to remind tower officers that if the tower contact changes to inform the branch secretary as well as the Association Report Editor and the Association Webmaster. This is to ensure that members of the branch are still able to remain in contact with towers.


The Committee has slightly changed:

Chairman Tom Longridge
GC Rep Tom Longridge
Ringing Master Jody Wood (previously Michael Day)
Deputy Ringing Master Tom Longridge
Secretary Sophie Didcott
Education Officer Nicki Williams

The Committee was re-elected; proposed by Benomy Tutcher and Seconded by Rebecca Day

Report Editor

The floor was told that the current Association Report Editor, David Floyd, is stepping down at the next Association AGM and if anyone knew of anyone who would like to stand, to inform David Floyd.

Any Other Business

Association AGM

It was bought up by Ian smith that the Association AGM will be being held within the Bath branch in 18 months time and had there been any ideas as to where this would take place. A few places were bounded around but this matter will be discussed by the committee to find somewhere that has all of the correct facilities for the job.

ITTS (Integrated Teacher Training Scheme)

For those unsure, the ITTS is the recommended method for the training of new Ringing Teachers. It uses of up-to-date research based methods with a modular learning programme, learning website, mentoring and an accreditation programme. It was brought up by Elizabeth Jones about how dangerous habits are being passed over because the people teaching learners are not accredited to do so. It then led to the issue that if ringers were sent away to courses that cost money, in turn we would have to start charging to teach people to ring. Training was discussed by many members for many reasons. It was discussed as to potential courses that would be valuable to the branch for example lowering and raising and in peal. The floor also stated how well the training this year had gone; grandsire, plain bob, call changes etc. It was also discussed about the competency of ringers who are teaching learners. In short the issue of ITTS and up and coming training shall be discussed by the committee.


A big thank you to the host tower for a lovely tea and letting us ring the bells.

Meeting was closed at 16:50

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