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Branch Six Bell Striking Competition

Once again we had a great turn out at the Branch 6-bell Competition, this year held at Corston on the 2nd April 2011. 10 teams took part, including defending champions Bath Abbey, two home teams from Corston and new entrants (in recent years) Marksbury. As the teams rang, those listening were able to enjoy the sunshine, tea and cakes that were very kindly provided by the Corston ringers!

This year the competition was judged by Simon Percy and Richard Barclay from the UBSCR who, after some deliberation, duly awarded the following scores:

Branch Secretary Sophie Didcott presenting the trophy to Michael Day (Bathwick) as Simon Percy and Richard Barclay look on
1 Bathwick TBC
2 Bath Abbey TBC
3 Bath University Society (Widcombe) TBC
5 Corston 2 TBC
4 Marksbury TBC
6 Corston 1 TBC
7 Bath St Saviour TBC
8 Batheaston TBC
9 Wellow TBC
10 Bath St Stephen TBC

Bathwick have therefore regained the Harold Parfrey Memorial Shield, although by a very narrow margin! Special mention is also due to the Corston 1, Marksbury and Larkhall bands - all consisting of a large numbers of new ringers in their first competition.

Quarterly Meeting

Before the quarterly meeting took place a touching dedication was given by William Willans to Elizabeth (Bette) Parfrey who had announced to close family that this may be her last striking competition due to getting up to the tower becoming more difficult. Will told the crowds about Bette's life within the Association and nationally, and the emotional attachment the family have to the competition shield that is in memory of Bette's late husband Harold Parfrey. The dedication came to an end with a whole-hearted standing ovation.

A 40 year certificate was handed to David Parfrey by Michael Day (a couple of years late... Sorry!)

Attendance to the meeting are as follows:

Emily Groves, Nicholas Wiltshire, Philippa Parfrey, David Parfrey, Debbie Parfrey, Judith Cottrell, Jane Jones, Jenny Burton, Margaret de Jong, Elizabeth Parfrey, Jim Cook, Phill Butler, Jane Webster, Eric Webster, Di Ashby, Di Smith, Ian Smith, Alex Thompson, Anne Wright, David Wright, Roger Button, Rorie Ash, Benomy Tutcher, Linnet Tutcher, Susan Crennell, Peter Giles, Ashley Tutcher, William Willans, Matthew Skuse, Matthew Butler, Sophie Didcott, Emma Longridge, Rebecca Day, Tom Longridge, Michael Day.. (and many more who didn't sign the book)

Michael chaired the meeting which largely consisted of new members being elected, which is fantastic. These are as follows:

New Member Tower Proposed Seconded
Frances Zagni Marksbury John Fray Robery Perry
Linda Robertson Marksbury John Fray Robert Perry
Jonathan Hambly Marksbury John Fray Robert Perry
Gabriel Hardwick Marksbury John Fray Robert Perry
Alan Coombs Marksbury John Fray Robert Perry
Katie Kitchener Marksbury John Fray Robert Perry
Edward Rooth Swainswick Susan Crennell Sophie Didcott
Nicholas Wiltshire Corston Jenny Burton Bette Parfrey
Philippa Parfrey Corston Jenny Burton Bette Parfrey
Kate Woodthorpe Bath Abbey Will Willans Jim Cook
Chris Brown Widcombe Tom Wareing Tom Longridge
Alex Wells Widcombe Tom Wareing Tom Longridge
Daniel Rogers Widcombe Tom Wareing Tom Longridge
Rorie Ash Widcombe Tom Wareing Tom Longridge
David Sworder Unattached Michael Day Tom Longridge
Christine Sworder Unattached Michael Day Tom Londridge
Rie Watanabe Bathwick Tom Longridge Michael Day

The forthcoming Association AGM on the 25th April was discussed. Sophie Didcott advised that details could be found on the website or directly from her.

There was no other business, the host tower were thanked for their hospitality and everyone was thanked for their attendance.

Super infoarmtive writing; keep it up.


Below are some recordings uploaded to YouTube, courtesy of Michael Day. They are, respectively, of the test pieces by Corston 2, Bath Abbey, and Widcombe:

120 Grandsire Doubles (4 mins 32)

Call-changes (6 mins 11)

120 Grandsire Doubles (4 mins 29)

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