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The 2008 AGM was held at Marksbury on the 18th October, 3pm. For the minutes of the meeting, see Events:Branch AGM 2008.


  1. Apologies
  2. Matters Arising from Previous Minutes
  3. Officers Reports
  4. Election of New Committee
  5. Election of New Members
  6. Plans for the Forthcoming Year
  7. Bath & Wells 1100 Year Anniversary
  8. Ringing World Diary Suggestions
  9. Any Other Business

Apologies Received So Far

Plans for the Forthcoming Year

Below are a list of changes that we as a committee would like to propose for the next year. (Assuming the newly elected committee are of the same opinion!) The aim of these changes is to try something different from the usual schedule to see if the Branch can be more useful to it's members by doing other things. They are topics for debate rather than definite plans; please let us know what you think!

Restructuring Branch Practices

Branch practices have operated for many years on a monthly basis on Monday, and recently, alternating on Tuesdays. However it has becoming increasingly apparent that, despite the occasional success story, it is the same ringers attending them and little is gained. I would like to propose that we therefore change the format by holding quarterly events on Saturday afternoons which will consist of an hour or so of general ringing, a brief quarterly meeting and perhaps some form of social.

Training Courses

In exchange for the monthly practice we would like to organise a number of "courses":

  • Bob Doubles: A 6-8 session weekly course for anyone who would like to start learning or improve with Bob Doubles.
  • Raising & Lowering: A single day of practice for raising and lowering bells, primarily focussing on those who can already raise and lower to some degree but would like a more intensive session of practice; but also open to anyone who would like to learn.
  • Calling Call Changes: Another single day course, aimed at giving people the opportunity to learn and practice calling call changes. As well as going through the theory, it will also give people the experience of making the calls and correcting mistakes which is often the more daunting task!

If you are interested in attending any of these courses, or know anyone that would be, then please let us know. We haven't arranged days of the week or times for these courses yet because we would rather arrange this around the people that would like to attend. We will also obviously need volunteers!

Target Practices

We would also like to encourage the sharing of help between towers to help us make the most of the experience we have in the Branch. If towers have a particular need for help at practices then we would like to think we could find people willing to supply it. However this would need to be for a particular requirement and for a particular duration rather than just a general request for "help". For example, if a particular tower has an influx of learners and need people to help teach handling for a couple of months.

Change of date for Striking Competition

For the second year the striking competition was held in September (having been moved from May/June). However it has been suggested that this is still not the best time of year to hold it in order to encourage more teams to enter, as it doesn't leave much time after the summer (when towers often struggle with numbers due to holidays) to prepare. Also, holding it later in the year would allow the student population to participate. However reservations have been made about holding it later because of the weather.

A "Friendly" Striking Competition

Recent competitions have seen a fall in the number of entrants. It has been suggested that we hold a more "friendly" competition. This is not to say that the current competition is not friendly, but the idea is to encourage as many people to come along as possible and draw the teams from a hat. The judge would meet everyone beforehand and discuss with them exactly what they would be looking for. The bands would then have a go and feedback would be given in the usual way. The event would aim to encourage people to take part in the competition and use it as an opportunity to encourage and praise their ringers.

Any Other Ideas?

These are just some of the ideas that the committee have had or that have been suggested to us. If you have any other ideas, please let us know!

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