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The following are not formal job descriptions but are intended to give an idea of the types of jobs that form part of the roles on the committee. Many of these jobs are often shared between committee members depending on their respective expertise and time constraints.



  • Chairs the AGM, quarterly meetings and any committee meetings.


  • Communicates with towers in the branch on behalf of the Association;
  • Requests annual subscriptions from members of the branch via postal and email communication;
  • Pays in the cheques received and completes the "branch return" listing paid-up members to the Association Treasurer;
  • Organises the venue and agenda for meetings;
  • Writes the branch report for the Association Annual Report.

Ringing Master

  • Runs branch practices;
  • Attends practices within the branch to encourage change ringing;
  • Organises the annual branch 6-bell competition and arranges for branch bands to take part in Association competitions;
  • Organises Association events, such as the 6- and 8- bell competitions when they are held in the branch.

Education Officer

  • Organises training courses within the branch;
  • Liaises with the Association Education Officer to publicise courses available elsewhere in the Association.

General Committee Representative

  • Attends and represents the branch at the annual General Committee meeting;
  • Votes during the awarding of the Association Bell Fund grants (part of the above meeting).
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