Branch Striking Competition Rules

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As of 2012, two separate shields will be awarded during the Branch Striking Competition: the Bette Parfrey Memorial (Novice) Shield and the Harold L Parfrey Memorial Shield.

Towers can enter different teams for one or both competitions. For guidance, a Novice band should consist of at least 2 members who have not rung a Quarter Peal ‘inside’. However this is at the discretion of the committee/organisers



 Bette Parfrey Memorial (Novice) Shield

  • Bands will be allowed approximately 2 minutes to practice before the Test Piece;
  • The Test Piece should last at least 5 minutes.
  • Each bell (apart from the tenor) must lead at some point during the Test Piece. Bands can ring plain hunt, but a minimum of 12 courses are to be rung. These do not need to be consecutive.
  • Failure to stand a bell after the Test Piece will not be marked.

Harold L Parfrey Memorial Shield

The Harold Parfrey Memorial Shield

  • The Test Piece will be marked as per the Association rules [1]:
    • A tower band shall consist of ringers who are resident Association members of the Branch who normally ring for Sunday services at that tower.
    • Each ringer will only be allowed to ring for one band [in the Advanced Competition].
    • A practice of two minutes will be allowed.
    • The test piece will consist of 120 changes of doubles or minor, or 120 rows of call changes (each bell except the tenor to be called to lead).
    • All ringing will be marked.


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