2017 Branch AGM minutes

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Bath & Wells

Diocesan Association of Change Ringers

Minutes of Bath Branch Annual General Meeting

St. Nicholas church, Bathampton, 28 October 2017

  1. The Chairman welcomed those present (approx. 13) and thanked them for coming. Apologies for absence were received from:

  • Jill Wilkinson

  • Nicki Lang

  • Jon Storey

  • Clare Homfray

  • Jon Cope

  • Maggie and Will Willans

  • Linnet Tutcher

  1. The minutes of the previous meeting held on 8 April 2017 at Swainswick, and the branch accounts, were agreed and signed off.

  1. The loss of members deceased during 2017 was noted:

  • Eric Naylor (Abbey and Bathwick)

  • Bill Chalklen (Keynsham)

  • David Massey (Frome, but well known in the Bath branch)

  • Charles (Bill) Parsons (Newton St. Loe)

  • Eric Webster (Keynsham)

A minute’s silence was observed in their memory.

  1. Long service certificates this year were awarded to :

Will Willans – 40 years (Abbey and Christchurch)

Richard Doubleday – 40 years (Abbey)

  1. The Branch 6 bell striking competition was held at Swainswick, when Swainswick won the Bette Parfrey Memorial Shield.

A discussion was held on amendment to the rules for the novice section of the competition. It was agreed that the rules should now read as per the attached sheet.

Proposed – R Perry

2nded – B Tutcher

6. Association 8 bell competition – 2 teams took part from the branch. 8 ringers from Bathwick came 4th out of an entry of 12 teams. The Bath ‘B’ team of 8 came 6th.

Association 6 bell competition – Newton St. Loe/Corston came first in their elimination heat.

Abbey came 2nd in their separate heat.

Abbey came 4th in the final of 6 teams

Newton St. Loe/Corston came in 5th place

Association Young ringers striking competition was held at Dunkerton. Finlay and Lucy from Corston and Newton St. Loe took part to make up a team from around the Association, and came 3rd in a total entry of 8 teams.

  1. Members were elected as follows:

Rob Perry stood down as Ringing Master after several years service, and the

Chairman and those present expressed their thanks for his efforts and contribution.

Nick Field was elected in his place, and also remains as Education Officer for

the time being.

Proposed – R Perry

2nded – T Wareing

Should anyone within the branch be able to take up the post as Education Officer, would they please let Nick know.

Jon Storey was elected as Branch Bell Maintenance Officer.

Proposed – R Perry

2nded – J Doman

R Perry explained that should a tower have any problem related to bell

maintenance, then the officer would be the first contact, and he is covered by

Association insurance to enter a belfry.

All other post holders were re-elected:

Chairman: R Sweet Proposed – R Perry

2nded – S Crennell

Committee Rep M Butler Proposed – N Field

2nded – R Perry

SecretaryJ Doman Proposed – R Perry

2nded – R Sweet

The secretary said that she will remain in the post until October 2018 but will then be standing down. Should anyone wish to take on this post next year would they please let her know.

  1. There were no new members for election.

  1. Quarter peal month – the Bell Fund Officer had requested opinions on

holding this in November 2018 as it will be the centenary of the end of the 1st

World War. Only one objection was raised – that this would mean no income

for Q. peal month for this coming financial year.

Otherwise all were agreed that in future years it should continue to be in May. This has been reported back to the Bell Fund Officer, and the 2018 date to be confirmed.

  1. Dates for 2018.

6 bell striking competition – 3 possible dates – Sat. 14 21 or 28 April.

Wellow has been approached to see if they would like to host.

Branch AGM – possibly to be held at the Abbey on a Monday evening (22

October) to coincide with their practice night.

The general opinion was that a weekday evening may encourage greater


  1. The subject of safeguarding was mentioned.

The chairman stated it is the church’s responsibility to arrange training of

ringers. The ringing master explained that there may be 1 safeguarding

officer for one benefice. The committee rep. pointed out that Diocesan

policy is that undertaking training is voluntary.

The chairman also stated that the Abbey safeguarding officer is providing a

course, and is happy for any other branch ringer to attend.

He will find out the dates which will be circulated to towers.

  1. A vote of thanks was given to Bathampton for hosting the AGM and

providing a delicious tea. After paying the hall hire fee of £24, a donation of

£3.50 has been forwarded to the Bell Fund Officer.

13. The afternoon concluded with general ringing in the tower.

Julie Doman

Branch secretary

Bette Parfrey Memorial (Novice) Shield

  • Bands will be allowed approximately 2 minutes to practice before the Test Piece;
  • The Test Piece should last at least 5 minutes;
  • Each bell (apart from the tenor) must lead at some point during the Test Piece. Bands can ring plain hunt, but a minimum of 12 courses are to be rung.  These do not need to be consecutive.
  • Failure to stand a bell after the Test Piece will not be marked.

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